Hey there, my name's Jill. If you play frisbee, my name's Swiper. I'm a 21 year old that goes to UMD and I like to pretend I know what I'm doing.

Take your time coming home, hear the wheels as they roll, let your lungs fill up with smoke, forgive everyone.

I can't remember the man, the panhandler or his melody!

I met Fun. on November 7th, 2012

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Can You Count Backwards From Ten?
A dying friend once told me, ‘I wish I hadn’t spent so many Mondays wishing it were Friday. I also wish I had made better use of those Fridays, for better stories on Monday.’ A Wolf’s Thoughts (via rawkiss)

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I just started the 100 happy days challenge! Follow me on instagram @ jillsantosss

Don’t ever compliment me by insulting other women. That’s not a compliment, it’s a competition none of us agreed to. (via givesgoodface)

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i… i don’t even know

new jersey -_____-

I’m scared as hell to want you. But here I am, wanting you anyway. (via stay-ocean-minded)

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